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 KungFu Special Trainer (702 plays)
Kung Fu training using melons
 Fly Plane (1186 plays)
Fly your plane while collecting the red dots in this action ...
 Sub Commander (762 plays)
avoiding obstacles while you guide your submarine through th...
 Silay - Malay Technique (603 plays)
2-Player fighting game using the Malays Silay technique
 Flash Pong (641 plays)
Play this quick reflex Pong against the super quick computer
 Mashi Mario (730 plays)
Control Mario through the course
 Darkojam Skies (618 plays)
3D rendered fighter jet shooting game
 Bruce Lee Tower Of Deat... (608 plays)
take the role of Bruce Lee in this fighting game
 Bush Bash (1232 plays)
It is the Presidential Debate and you are the moderator
 Maxim's Day Out (702 plays)
Catch all the frisbees as Maxim
 Carmageddon (CAR) (1527 plays)
Run over as many pedestrians as possible with your car
 Dancing Ant (814 plays)
Configure and direct how the any should react to the music
 Pokemon 100 Challenge (700 plays)
Challenge your knowledge of Pokemon - identify the right pok...
 Geography Game - Africa (694 plays)
Educative game that make geographic fun; This game is on Afr...
 100 (1206 plays)
48 pieces puzzle
 Quix (770 plays)
Move the colour tiles to a new location. Remove tiles by pla...
 Mission R4 June (712 plays)
A group of terrorists have invaded your street. Your mission...
 Starfighter (537 plays)
Keep shooting the wave after waves of enemy spacecrafts.
 Desert Battle (972 plays)
This is a shooting game with desert scenery. Weapons include...
 Saloon Shootout (668 plays)
Shoot all enemies as quickly as you can
 Switching Goals (620 plays)
Play this funny penalty shootout game featuring movie clips
 Table Tennis (789 plays)
This is a sport game on table tennis
 Pressure Shot (681 plays)
This game have its background as 204 Ryder Cup
 Pro Skater (2155 plays)
A nice skateboarding game with really cute graphic

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