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 Fire@Will (791 plays)
Targets practice with 3 locations to choose from. Realistic ...
 Flash Strike (1152 plays)
Kill as many terrorists as possible with your gun
 Fly Pig (911 plays)
Shoot down the flying pigs using shotgun. Make nice sandwich...
 Free Mars (770 plays)
Shoot the martian before they kill you
 Frogit 2 (863 plays)
Guide the frog with directional keys to eat bugs and move to...
 Fulltime Killer (1458 plays)
Sniped 12 bodyguard with 19 bullets in shortest time possibl...
 Galaxians (788 plays)
This is a space shooter in honour of the "Galaga" arcade gam...
 Generic zombie Shoot up (1126 plays)
Shoot the zombies in the tunnel
 Geriatric Skeet 105 (814 plays)
Press the PULL button then shoot on the wheel chaired people
 Get Flippy (705 plays)
Shoot the dolphins when they jump out from the sea.
 Golden Arrow 2 (1021 plays)
Arrow shooting game
 Gun Down The Gungan (851 plays)
Kill as many Gungun as possible within the time limit
 Gun Run (987 plays)
Upgrade your gun and proceed further into the robotic enemie...
 Gunfire (872 plays)
It is AA-Gun versus the Helicopter
 Gunman Shooter 2 (1624 plays)
Shoot down the stick men with your sniper rifle
 Half-Life 2 Total Mayhe... (1042 plays)
First person shooter with half life graphic
 Happy Tree Friends: Fli... (1071 plays)
The objective of this game is simple. Stay alive as long as ...
 Hate that Frog (867 plays)
Froh shooting game
 Hulk Smash Up (1278 plays)
Play the incredible Hulk in this game - smash everythign wit...
 If Pig's Can Fly Then P... (826 plays)
Shoot the flying pigs
 Invaders (664 plays)
Shoot down on incoming enemy alien space craft in this fast ...
 Jumping Circle 3 (915 plays)
1 or 2 player shooting game.
 Karboom (780 plays)
Catch the bomb before it explode.
 Kill Mosquito (809 plays)
Don't let the blood sucker suck your blood
 Kill the Mouse (889 plays)
Try to kill the mouse by shooting in the head.
 Kitten 105 (1023 plays)
Use your shotgun to shoot the number of kittens required
 Kwik Shot (812 plays)
Shoot the plates in this shooting game
 Kwikshot (736 plays)
try to hit the clays as they fly past the screen. You only h...
 Lamer Hunter (729 plays)
No time limit. Shoot the targets as much as you wish.
 Lightsaber Practice (927 plays)
Use the mouse to aim the incoming droids. Shoot them before ...
 Loki & The Catinvaders (796 plays)
Help Loki defend against the CAT-invader
 Longbow (950 plays)
Don't let the enemy come near you - use your advantage as ar...
 Mad Cows (836 plays)
Click on the mad cows before they hide themselves
 Majestic (743 plays)
try survived the creepy nucleo's.
 Mario Castle Shoot (936 plays)
Buy weapons and protect the castle
 Mario Rampage (1966 plays)
Help Mario to shoot at the enemies before they get to Mario
 Mario Remix (1290 plays)
Play Mario in this cross over and destroy everything in sigh...
 Mario World: Overrun (1160 plays)
Defense your castle against all the enemies from Mario's Wor...
 Mars (832 plays)
Fire your weapons and free Mars from enemies invasion.
 Massive Attack (902 plays)
Defense castle using mouse and evertually build powerful def...

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