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If you, or your official agent, contact this site about a copyright you own and want removed we will eliminate the material from the site. Please initiate the process by providing the information below.

This site wishes to provide some fun for people and does not wish to infringe on anyone's rights. Thank you.

Please provide the following information:

1. contact information: name, address, phone, fax, email

2. a statement that you are the copyright owner (or the owner's agent) and you will provide a signed confirmation of this fact

3. a statement of what you believe to be infringed

4. the location of the infringed materials so it can be found by this site

5. a declaration that what you have stated is true and accurate and that you understand if you have knowingly misrepresented any information you may be subject to heavy civil penalties and/or criminal prosecution including, but not limited to, prosecution for perjury and penalties for monetary damages, court costs and attorneys fees incurred by us or anyone else harmed by your misrepresentation.

The contact email address is "copyright [at] games.webstuff.org" Any messages not related to copyright will be ignored.

This website provides a wide variety of games for a wide variety of people so you can find games to suit your interests. We try to provide a fun site with acceptable content. If you find something unsuitable for you please close it and try another.

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