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Games! Games! Games!

Games! Games! Games! Everybody plays games. From the moment we are born we can appreciate games.

After securing food, clothing and shelter, people look for entertainment like stories and hobbies and of course GAMES!

Games are part of history, the essence of our earliest attempts to amuse ourselves.

People seek out games for stimulation, education, fun. Sedate or sensational, games are part of our lives, a part of our selves. How and what you play can tell you a lot about who you are. Games need not even involve competition; just enjoy the fun of playing. Games provide physical fun and mental gymnastics, time for ourselves and time with others, tests of skill and ways to improve skills.

Any time we play games we roll out our reflexes, delve into puzzling profundity, shake up a dull day, soothe a hectic one, find a place to use our energy, gain strength, enlighten and brighten a bit of our time, flex our mental and physical muscles, investigate mental mysteries, probe problem solving predicaments.

Games are for everyone and current research even shows that playing games gives the baby boomer generation a boon, more bang for the buck, mental and physical stimulation.

"When it comes to how the mind ages, research is increasingly giving new meaning to the popular phrase “use it or lose it,” said Tina Rowley, owner of the Home Instead Senior Care® franchise office in Birmingham, Michigan…“We know that mind games keep many aging minds young and vital,” said Rowley. So what are today’s seniors doing to keep mentally fit? Many have said goodbye to traditional games such as bingo. They’re gravitating more to video-game technology and group activities such as Scrabble® and bridge tournaments. According to the latest studies, it all helps." Read the full article at: http://michiganhomecare.wordpress.com/2007/11/05/mind-games-keep-seniors-mental-health/

"Point, click and think—that is what six seniors have been doing for eight weeks at the Rosewood Senior Living Community, jogging seniors’ memories and fine-tuning their ears…“It's called Posit Science,” said Rosewood Senior Living Community Executive Director Ted Burgess said. “It's a computer based mind enhancing program for seniors." Read the full article at: http://www.positscience.com/newsroom/news/news/051407.php

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